Curriculum vitae


Yale Law School

  • J.D., 2014.
  • (Completed first year in 2008-2009 as part of a joint J.D./Ph.D. program with Columbia University)

Columbia University

  • M.A. Classical Studies, 2011. GPA 4.03/4.0.
  • M.Phil. Classical Studies, 2015.
  • Ph.D. Classical Studies, 2017. (Projected)
  • Dissertation: Playing the Judge: Law and Imperial Messaging in Severan Rome

The University of Chicago

  • B.A. Classical Studies, 2008. GPA 3.85/4.0 (Phi Beta Kappa).


As Sole Instructor

  • Contemporary Civilization 1101/1102 (Fall 2016/Spring 2017)
    Required course for all Columbia College undergraduates, focusing on canonical texts in the history of Western political and social thought and extending from Plato to Foucault.
  • Latin 1202 (Fall 2014)
    Intermediate Latin course, focusing on translation skills and literary analysis.

    Ovid, Metamorphoses (selections); Sallust, On the Conspiracy of Catline (selections)

  • Latin 1201 (Fall 2011)
    Intermediate Latin course, focusing on grammar review and increasing vocabulary.

    Catullus (selections); Cicero, Second Philippic (selections)

  • Latin 1121 (Summer 2011)
    Intensive elementary course, teaching all of Latin grammar and basic vocabulary within three weeks.

    Keller & Russell, Learn to Read Latin (second edition)

As Teaching Assistant

  • History W1004 (Fall 2010) (for Marc van de Mieroop)
    Undergraduate survey of Egyptian history from the prehistoric period to the Greco-Roman era
  • Ancient History of Egypt (Spring 2012) (for William Harris)
    Undergraduate survey of Roman history from the prehistoric period until the fall of Alexandria in 616 C.E.
  • Latin 1202 (Fall 2010) (for Carmela Franklin)
    Intermediate Latin course, focusing on translation skills and literary analysis.

    Ovid, Metamorphoses (selections); Livy, On the Founding of the City (selections)

  • Ancient Law (Fall 2010) (for James Zetzel)
    Undergraduate survey of Greek and Roman law, using both material and textual sources


Columbia University

Preceptor in the Core Curriculum, Contemporary Civilization, 2016–

  • Lead a required course for Columbia College sophomores on Western political philosophy
  • Developed a syllabus that uses key texts in political theory to address contemporary issues such as the normative injustice of mass incarceration and of structural discrimination on the bases of race and sex
  • Teach students how to use textual sources as evidence for both descriptive and normative claims

Dechert LLP

New York, NY

Law Clerk, May–July 2013

  • Advised charitable organizations on tax-optimal behavior
  • Researched the applicability of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to certain forms of data harvesting
  • Drafted legal correspondence and advice



  • Member in good standing of the New York State Bar since 2015
  • Fluent in reading and speaking French, English, and Spanish
  • Fluent in reading Latin, Greek (ancient), Italian, and German